• Houseman Supply Inc.
    Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in Highland Illinois

    Houseman Supply Inc. has a history as unique as the town that we call home. Originally Moisiman Plumbing & Heating, we were established in the year 1910 by Adolph Moisiman, Herbert Stocker, and Landolin Houseman on the 800 block of Main St.—right next to historic Lory Theatre in Highland. Throughout the early 1900s we managed to cultivate a reputation for great service, and decided to expand in the 1950s. This involved purchasing a service station and adding sales to existing heating and cooling installation and repair services.

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  • plumbing services highland il

    You’re sure to find our friendly plumbers to be experienced and a true expert in their field. From leaking pipes, clogged drains, and broken faucets to water heaters, toilets, and more; you can count on our plumbing professionals!

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  • drain cleaning highland il

    Drain blockage can be caused due to food and other substances that routinely get put down your drain including soap, waste food, grease, and more. When you need an expert to solve your drain and sewer issues—you can count on us. Our friendly staff provides drain cleaning and other services for kitchens, bathrooms, and basement floors.

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  • remodeling in highland il

    A new kitchen or bathroom is a dream for homeowners everywhere, and we can help achieve the room you want. Let us give your bathrooms a makeover with a new sink or bathtub. We can also modernize your kitchen with new appliance hookup and updated fixtures. Whatever you’re thinking, we can help you bring it to reality.

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  • sewer service in highland illinois

    Trust our qualified technicians to ensure that your sewer systems is fully serviced. We’re able to perform repairs and replacements of any sewer lines with little damage to your yard and home. Whatever symptoms you’re experiencing; our professionals will offer a complete video inspection of your system to ensure that all problems are solved, and your system is working properly.

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  • backflow testing near highland il

    You should never have to worry about the water you use being contaminated by harmful substances. Count on our professional staff for testing and installation of commercial and residential backflow valves. We also repair backflow prevention valves.

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  • water heater near highland illinois

    What’s worse than a cold shower in the middle of February? The answer is nothing, and we want to ensure that you always get the nice hot shower that you need after a long day. Call us for installation, service, and repair of water heaters!

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  • water filtration highland il

    Water filtration systems keep water pure of harmful chemicals that could make you or your family sick. These systems are able to eliminate high amounts of lead, chlorine, and more. We want to ensure there is only one thing coming out of your faucet—pure H2O!

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  • heating and cooling near highland illinois

    We’re a full-service HVAC company that offers service for all your comfort systems. Talk to us in the winter when all that comes out of your vents is cold air. We handle all repairs and installations of boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and ventilation systems. You can also count on us to ensure your Air Conditioner runs at peak levels during the hottest months of the year; when you need them most!

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  • Member of the Great Southwestern Illinois Association of Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors.