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The Trusted Choice for Backflow Testing & Prevention in the Highland IL Area

Have you ever had your water tested for backflow? Backflow occurs due to a break in a city water line, contact with contaminated streams, toilets without anti-siphon devices, and other causes. Make sure that your water or sewage isn’t backing up and contaminating your entire system. The professionals here at Houseman Supply have the knowledge and experience needed to protect your water supply from contaminants. We offer testing and installation of commercial and residential backflow valves and repair of backflow prevention valves to ensure the water at your home or business is safe for use!

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Clogged Drains

We’re proud to serve our local communities with the best in backflow services. Additionally, we offer trained and friendly professionals that know where the risks are and how to prevent backflow. However, many people aren’t familiar with the term backflow.

Backflow is just what it sounds like, it’s a backflow of contaminated water into your plumbing system. This contaminated water can get into the water you use to drink, clean, cook, etc. With a backflow prevention device, you’re preventing this change of course from happening, which keeps your water cleaner and your family safer. Contact us for more details about the benefits of backflow testing and prevention.

Service from the professionals at Houseman Supply, Inc. is available for those in Alhambra, Aviston, Breese, Carlyle, Edwardsville, Grantfork, Highland, Marine, Pierron, Pocahontas, St. Jacob, Troy, and Trenton in Illinois!